Equip yourself for Industry 4.0

Equip yourself for Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is here. Smart factories are fast becoming a reality; built on automated data sharing and machine learning. Are you running the risk of being left behind?

In the world of manufacturing, technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. The digitalisation of manufacturing is enabling production line machines to share data, learn from it and implement improvements - all without the need for human intervention. The fourth industrial age is upon us. In fact, such is the rate of change that some pundits claim the fifth industrial revolution is just around the corner.

For manufacturers the challenge is keeping up. And that means making smart investment decisions – upgrading your production line with systems designed to be futureproof.

edding printer in-line industry 4.0

Get ready

The term Industry 4.0 gets bandied around a lot in marketing, but too often the products fall short of that description. To be truly Industry 4.0 ready, they need to deliver advanced machine learning, connectivity and communication capabilities to not just meet your needs today, but also ten years from now.

At edding tech our focus is on enabling you to do just that. Our innovations bridge the physical and digital worlds; helping you to prepare for Industry 4.0. edding code and edding compact printers are our first smart factory solutions; combining edding’s ink expertise with cutting edge tech.

Smart solutions

edding code is a really smart QR code that’s tamper-proof, versatile and easy to use. Embedded in everyday paper, packaging and labels; it enables you to do everything from verify documents to interact with customers in fun, creative ways. And integrating edding code into your production line couldn’t be easier, as it’s produced using conventional printing methods.

edding compact printers are our Industry 4.0 ready solution for industrial marking and coding. The edding in-line 12 and edding portable 12 have been built around the latest advances in Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology. They are intuitive to use, reliable, maintenance free, and with the versatility to print at high resolution on almost any substrate and in almost any environment.

Get connected

What makes them truly Industry 4.0 ready is their unparalleled connectivity. They work with all common industry standards, integrate with upstream and downstream systems and easily interact with any network, Manufacturing Control or ERP systems.

Unsurprisingly, you need a lot of processing power for a machine that delivers that high a degree of connectivity. That’s why we chose to use a Quad Core processor with 1.2 GHz, rather than an embedded single core processor with 250 MHz. That gives it the headroom for all future processing power requirements.

Another critical feature of any Industry 4.0 machine is open software architecture. The system we have used is a Linux-based one. This is a popular choice for the open-source community and developers as you can continue to add applications in the future.

The advanced software architecture is one of the key ways you reap the benefits of an Industry 4.0 system. Unlike other industrial printers, you don’t need to buy a new machine to get the most up-to-date version. With our printers, you simply insert a USB drive to run the upgrade and in just a few minutes you’ll be running the latest version, with a ton of new features.

Learn more about how edding compact printers and edding code can help you in your journey towards Industry 4.0.