Meet us in Barcelona at Hispack 2022!

Meet us in Barcelona at Hispack 2022!

The Iberian peninsula is a key market for edding and the edding compact printers. Since launching in the region in October 2020, we have rapidly expanded our customer base for these Industry 4.0-ready marking solutions, with many successful use cases across multiple industries including food, wine and beverages, chemicals, and life sciences. To better serve local customers, we are continuing to invest in the growth of a dedicated team for the market, and formed partnerships with some of Iberia’s leading distributors.

Using the best of the “edding”

The edding brand is well-known in the region for the permanent markers and 60 years of ink expertise. With the edding compact printers we combine our ink expertise with Industry 4.0-ready technology. The result is unbeatable reliability, ease-of-use and connectivity. Built around clean Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology, the printers are service-free and maintenance-free, so there’s no need for expensive service contracts. The only on-going cost is ink cartridges.

We assure product traceability with high resolution, precision printing of linear 1D and datamatrix 2D barcodes, lot numbers, batch codes, Best Before dates and written product information. And thanks to the expert range edding inks, it is possible to achieve high quality, permanent print results on the majority of non-porous materials, including glass, metal and 80% of plastics. edding compact printers have been designed for ease of use to maximise production uptime. Both the in-line and portable options come in an all-in-one box, with all the accessories needed to get printing straight away. The intuitive handling and clear user guides mean that anyone can install and begin operating the machine in just a few minutes. There is no need for training.

Bring your item for a live test print

The edding stand at HISPACK 2022 will feature printing stations where edding compact printers can be seen in action. Will you be at the show? Bring any item you want to mark to see a live test.

For questions and meetings contact our team Iberia:

Sebastian Chiappe\ Luz Diaz Ochogavia\ Roberto Izquierdo