Thermal inkjet – helping cosmetics look better

Thermal inkjet – helping cosmetics look better

The cosmetics industry has very specific demands around the look of its products. The industry has tended to rely on continuous inkjet or laser engraving for too long. edding Tech’s high-resolution codes offer many advantages to cosmetics customers including quality, cost, and ease of use.

The cosmetics industry presents some interesting challenges to providers of coding and marking solutions. Often there are no dates associated with the codes and it’s just a batch or lot number that’s being printed. As well as internal traceability, customers are often looking for a means of preventing imitations of high-end brands and products. Up till now, they have relied on continuous ink jet (CIJ) or laser engraving. Thermal inkjet (TIJ) takes a very different approach… but offers plenty of advantages.

For a start, it’s much more cost-effective since there is no need for additional service charges or maintenance costs. You buy the hardware - the inkjet printer itself – and ink cartridge consumables, and that’s pretty much it. Then there’s the quality: inkjet offers much higher resolution, so the print quality is infinitely superior. And for the cosmetics industry, where the look of the products is of great importance, that’s key. The high-res codes are designed to complement branding and packaging – rather than detracting from the look of these high-end products, as CIJ dot matrix codes can do. The codes can even be placed with UV inks – so the customer doesn’t even know they are there.

in-line 12 print on cosmetics

A lot of cosmetics firms use labels where they need to print onto multiple levels of packaging - from the primary product eg a glass bottle, through to outer case packaging. edding Tech’s hi-res (from 150dpi to 600dpi) codes can print directly onto any packaging resulting in a better looking, more permanent code. The hi-res printing is suited to various barcode types which are required if selling goods to retailers and stores.

The enhanced communication capabilities of the in-line 12 printer enables easy integration with upstream machinery due to Industry 4.0 capabilities, as well as interacting with coding automation systems (ERP and MES systems).

And if the manufacturer doesn’t need to commit to large print runs of packaging – if they’re running a time-limited competition for example – they can just print a QR code on the packaging online for small batch runs. Direct inkjet coding allows this personalisation of packaging.

printing on cosmetic's packaging

And it’s clean technology! There’s no mess or ink spillages around packaging and production areas and the whole process is more environmentally friendly. Unlike CIJ, thermal inkjet allows you the versatility to change the ink type and colour within 30 seconds – to suit your packaging needs. You don’t have to buy multiple CIJ printers for specific packaging materials or ink colours!

The cosmetics industry may not have much regulation in place around traceability currently. We like to think though that edding Tech’s hi-resolution codes can make a real difference in enabling you to deliver high quality, great looking products to your customers safely.

Author: Nick Alterskye, Business Development Manager, UK