Watch us print on any item of your choice

Watch us print on any item of your choice

Choose a material, and watch how we set up an edding compact printer in a few minutes and print on an item of your choice.

One of the questions many production line directors face, as far as their coding and marking solution is concerned, is:

Will this printer print on my production material?

To make it easy to answer this question, the edding Tech team launched an interactive feature on our website: WePrint

On the WePrint page, you can watch how we print on an item of your choice.

See the introduction by our colleague Edward:

First you select a material such as paper, metal, wood etc. Within each material category, you can then select specific items, from bottles, cans and boxes to varnished wooden handles, even including more exotic substrates such as foams and insulation material. These are among the most commonly used substrates in industrial manufacturing.

After selecting your material and item, you then can watch a video where Tobias shows you how effectively our printers effectively mark an expiry date or a batch number on your chosen material.

Pictures of items edding compact printers can print on.

From unpacking the printer to coding the item

We mean it when we say that our printers are easy to use. Each video starts by showing the set-up of the printer, from unpacking to being ready to print. While a clock is ticking inside the video, you can see just how long it takes to get the edding compact printers up and running. Spoiler alert: The whole set-up only takes a few minutes.

So go ahead and try WePrint.