About us

Ask someone in Germany for an edding, and they know to hand you a marker pen. With the ink expertise developed in six decades, edding have built innovative marking solutions for almost any surface imaginable. This has transformed edding from a German family business into a global company, active in 110 markets around the world.

While we are very proud of our heritage, edding has its eyes set firmly on the future. And the future is digital. And that’s why in 2018, we launched edding Tech.

Our mission is to empower our business customers to do things with ink they didn’t think were possible.

Our first two disruptive technologies: edding compact printers and edding code.

They are just our first two innovations. It is still early days. We’ll continue to apply our ink expertise to technology that makes the impossible possible. Watch this space.

Our products


edding compact printers are our next-generation industrial marking and coding solution, developed jointly with our technology partner Elried. Our printers serve customers across many industries who demand more from their marking solution: More reliability, more uptime, more connectivity. edding compact printers are Industry 4.0 ready - you can get up and running in a matter of minutes.

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edding code combines edding’s conductive inks with pioneering technology. The result: a smart, fun, and versatile solution that helps you do everything from verifying documents to interacting with customers. And edding code couldn’t be easier to use. Printed on paper, packaging, and labels, it can be read digitally by an ordinary smartphone.

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Prismade is a startup success story from Chemnitz, Germany. They are expert in embedding digital features in everyday products to create smart, interactive applications.

It’s this expertise that attracted edding to acquire a 50% stake in the business in 2018. By combining edding’s ink expertise with Prismade’s software engineering capabilities, we have created what is now edding code.


Elried is a leader in industrial marking and at the forefront of Industry 4.0. They provide the technology for edding compact printers. The German family business was founded 60 years ago by Elisabeth Riedmaier, a pioneer in the industry. Her motto is still at the heart of everything Elried does:

"Nothing is impossible".

Meet the edding Tech team


Business Development edding compact printers

Nick Alterskye
St Albans, United Kingdom
Team ekaterina

Operations and Projects edding Tech

Ekaterina Arkhipova
Munich, Germany
Ozan batuman

Key Account Manager edding compact printers

Ozan Batuman
Istanbul, Turkey
Team hannes

Managing Director and Team Leader edding Tech

Hannes Behacker
Munich, Germany
Team erkan

Business Development edding compact printers

Erkan Bezan
Istanbul, Turkey
Team deniz

Marketing and Communications edding Tech, edding compact printers, edding code

Deniz Celik
Munich, Germany
Margarita 2 bw s

Working Student edding Tech, edding compact printers, edding code

Margarita Chaustre Sanchez
Munich, Germany
Gabriela corral

Key Account Manager edding compact printers

Gabriela Corral
Bogota, Colombia

Business Development Manager edding code

Sascha Druba
Munich, Germany
Edelberto bw 500

Business Development Manager Latin America edding compact printers

Edelberto Duva
Bogota, Colombia
Team maximillian

Business Development edding code

Maximilian Gassner
Munich, Germany
Team thorben

International Coordination of Sales edding compact printers

Thorben Hartstang
Munich, Germany
Cigdem kocaman

"Marketing edding compact printers"

Cigdem Kocaman
Istanbul, Turkey
Julia 2 bw s

Office Manager edding Tech

Julia Lorenz
Munich, Germany

Business Development edding compact printers

Edward Murray-Clark
St Albans, United Kingdom
Silvana 2 bw s

Business Development edding compact printers

Silvana Serrano
San Juan, Argentina

Business Development edding compact printers

Manuel Vervega
Bucharest, Romania

Sales, distribution partner edding compact printers

Denis Ivanov
Moscow, Russia