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edding code brings interactive marketing to a completely new level

edding code allows marketers to grow their relationship with customers by opening up a completely new communication channel: Previously merely a nice shell but destined to land in the trash immediately, your packaging now serves as the key to a new VIP experience.


One of the many challenges a brand marketer is facing is that engaging over-stimulated consumers and building the relationship is difficult post-purchase. Selling through third-party retail outlets adds to the problem — brand owners don’t know who their end customers are and how they engage with the product at the point of sale.

edding code delivers immediacy

Communicate with your customer through your packaging. By embedding a unique code in your product, you can allow them to unlock special content meant for a select few and give them the VIP treatment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An invisible, conductive layer of ink is printed on the product package or an attached label.
  2. The user opens an app or a web page in their mobile browser.
  3. They place the product or label on the smartphone screen and swipe on the label or next to the product package

Swipe card - edding code

Besides verifying the product’s authenticity, an optional feature of edding code, the customer’s swipe has unlocked a range of options for the product marketer: Games, interactive content, rewards, discounts, satisfaction surveys, special access to events — any form of VIP treatment you can imagine.

Get Reward - edding code

A particularly innovative format is the advent calendar content drip: The customer unlocks special rewards every day through the same swiping motion on the same packaging.

That way, edding code even further extends the life of your packaging from being a candidate for the recycling bin to recurring brand touch point.


  • Activate your brand through your packaging and allow the customer to engage with it on a recurring basis.
  • The customer can verify the product’s authenticity — important for countries with poor counterfeit protection standards
  • edding code doesn’t need a dedicated device. It can be read by an ordinary smartphone.
  • edding code is subtle and, unlike a QR code, doesn’t visually impact the packaging.
  • Offer a variety of content and engagement models
  • Make your packaging and labels reusable by offering new content every day (Advent Calendar model)
  • Tamper-proof through proprietary technology

If you would like to step up your interactive marketing and explore what’s possible, get in touch.

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