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How to transform everyday products into playful digital touchpoints with edding code

With edding code, ordinary cards, packaging, and other materials can be easily and securely connected to the digital world. Explore our latest project with Superunion.


In cooperation with our partner Superunion, we have designed an interactive mailing about Smart & Sustainable Packaging in the current UNBOXING issue. In it, readers will find a smart edding code card for self-testing that serves as an exclusive key to further digital content. To activate it, the user simply places the enclosed card on their smartphone or tablet and swipe‘s their finger over it.

This is made possible by our unique edding code technology, an invisible coding based on conductive ink. It creates unique user experiences by enabling ordinary cards, packaging and other materials to communicate with the Internet via mobile devices.

This mailing project is just one of many ways to simply, securely and sustainably connect everyday products to the digital world.

edding code offers a completely new approach for smart packaging solutions, delivering multiple benefits both for companies and consumers.

(1) Digital value-added content can only be accessed by using coded physical packaging.

(2) The coding does not contain any product or personal data, which makes it impossible to read out the data externally

(3) The packaging does not contain any electronic components so it can be disposed of easily in the paper waste

(4) The playful touchpoint creates a unique brand-customer interaction.

Thanks to its special properties, edding code can be used for a wide variety of different use cases. In the smart packaging sector, there are numerous marketing & promotion applications. Our approach here is to make packaging more than just interactive. For us, smart means that packaging extends the product by giving consumers access to exciting and unique digital content. In this respect, smart packaging delivers real added value for consumers, as they get more than just the product. This could be animated product information and application notes or campaign content with digital incentives for collectible products.

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