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Discover why edding is the new standard in industrial marking

For over 60 years, edding has been Germany’s most trusted name in ink. This easy-to-use marking solution can print on cardboard, foil, glass, plastics... Discover the edding compact printers, now.

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edding industrial compact printers offer unbeatable reliability

Made in Germany using only high-quality components, edding compact printers are smart and reliable industrial inkjet printers that are ready for Industry 4.0. Unlike continuous inkjet marking system (CIJ printing), edding's industrial inkjet printing machines do not need any maintenance or technical service.

edding compact printers take care of your printing, so you can take care of business!

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See what our customers say

  • Ford 1

    We were looking for a robust industrial printer light enough to be moved easily around the factory. It needed to be simple to use and low cost to operate. And capable of printing at high resolution on multiple surfaces, including the metal transport cases for our engines. The edding portable printer ticks every box.

    Manuel N, Engineer

    Ford Motor Company

  • 250 logo

    The customer service was fantastic, they knew exactly what we were looking for and gave us the confidence that it was the right product for our task. The printer landed at our door 2 days later and took less than 5 minutes to set up and start printing. It has been a great product and does exactly what we were told it would do.

    We print 1000's of bags a day and we still have not replaced the ink cartridge yet. There was lots of follow up from the team after we bought it, to make sure everything was ok and to see if we needed help on any of the features. We are currently looking at buying another printer from the team. 10/10 Product and 10/10 Service.

    Louis Williams, Head of Operations

    Two Fifty Square - Specialty Coffee Roasters

  • Serious pig

    The edding in-line 12 inkjet printer enabled us to move from labelling each pack by hand, to a semi-automated coding process. We wanted to implement a solution which increased the well-being of our operator, by reducing the effects of repetitive strains associated with hand stickering thousands of products a day. This has been achieved and we’re now able to code our batches quicker too.

    The printer was easy to setup initially, and simple to use on a daily basis even when regularly changing between different messages for the numerous SKUs which Serious Pig codes. We’ve also been impressed by the rapid support we receive from the UK team whenever we’ve needed guidance or assistance.

    George Rice, Owner

    Serious Pig - Food production

  • Spyzz 17 004 master logo blue rgb

    We’re making Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky in Hunmanby, North Yorkshire. As our business grows and we move into international markets, the requirement for batching our bottles of whisky has become essential. As a field to bottle distillery, we are incredibly proud to be able to trace every bottle all the way back to the field where our barley was grown wherever it may travel. We purchased the edding compact printer in 2020 which meets our needs and prints directly onto the glass (glass printing), making our product completely traceable both within the UK and internationally. Any questions we’ve had have been swiftly answered by the team, and if required a site visit carried out.

    David Thompson, Managing Director

    Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery - Whisky Distillery

  • Kopf logo

    We are a leading manufacturer of chemical products for the automotive industry and have been using the edding in-line 12 printer successfully for a year. We use the NPX black ink cartridge to print batch numbers on a wide variety of plastic bottles (plastics printing) We were impressed by how easily it integrated into our existing production line and how well the ink adheres to plastic. What's more, we don't require the services of a specialist technician because the straightforward menu navigation means any employee in our production facility can operate the printer. This saves us time and money.

    H. Kerndl GmbH - Chemicals production

  • Manjares de la tierra logo

    We’re very happy using our edding in-line compact printer! It’s really very simple and intuitive, and we installed it ourselves without needing a technical service or the associated cost. It also lets us change colours (we use black or white) in just one minute, depending on the product we need to mark. That’s why I fully recommend the edding Tech compact printers.

    Sofía Agustín, Owner

    Manjares de la Tierra - Food production

  • Nora un logo en

    We use edding's industrial printers in our flour production marking process. Previously, we used alternative industrial printer technology that required an operator. Since switching to edding industrial printers, we have not needed an operator. Because it is so easy to use, our production efficiency has also increased. We also discovered edding's portable printer for marking flour sacks. For us, edding's portable printer has meant greater convenience and flexibility in the sack-marking process.

    Nora Un - Flour production

  • Top menu logo casa vlasia

    For a seasonal business like ours, the edding in-line is ideal. It’s compact, so takes up little space when not in use, and unlike our previous printers, it doesn’t require servicing despite sitting idle for months. Most importantly, it delivers high quality results, printing directly on to the wine bottle label.

    Casa Vlasia - Wine production

  • Logo homepage achitex

    The edding team we met at the Eurasia Packaging Fair impressed us with its technological solution for industrial marking. For us, the decision to cease labelling our products and switch to marking using edding's industrial printer was a very good one, both in terms of cost and ease of use.

    Achitex Minerva - Chemicals production

  • Ankara seramik og

    Once the ceramics we produced had been packed into crates, it used to take us a lot of time and additional labour to mark the wooden crates. Thanks to edding's portable printer for mobile use, marking our wooden crates has never been easier! Because it is so easy to install and use, our staff were able to start marking within 5 minutes.

    Ankara Seramik - Porcelain production

  • Bergader privatkaeserei logo

    Delivery within 24 hours of ordering. Amazing! All the agreed parts were included. Amazing! Installed successfully as per user guide. The device prints. We are very happy. Thank you!

    Wendelstein Käsewerk GmbH - Food production

  • Logo bilimilac

    We have been using edding markers in both our production and office areas for many years. In 2020, we began using their innovative industrial compact printers. In order to provide us with the best solution for our Rommelag line, the edding Tech team was on hand throughout - from the very outset to the start of series production. We use our edding in-line printer to mark dosage lines on the special products we have developed for people with asthma. It has met the challenging requirements of the pharmaceutical sector without any problem. So far, over two million of our products have been flawlessly marked using the edding in-line printer. We’d like to thank the edding Tech team for their unrivalled service and intend to continue our collaboration going forward.

    Bilim Pharmaceuticals

  • Logo arjolle hor grand

    The edding compact printer is the perfect solution for our needs. We were looking for an industrial printer that could print in much higher resolution than our current machine. Not only were we impressed by the high quality, high resolution batch codes it delivered, but also by how exceptionally simple it was to use. The service we received from edding was fantastic. Friendly and professional, they immediately sent us the printer which we initially rented for three months in order to try it out. The decision to go ahead and purchase the edding in-line was a very easy one to make.

    François Teisserenc, Owner

    Domaine de l’Arjolle – Wine production

    Frequently asked questions

    • What technology do the printers use?

      edding compact printers use Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology. It is one of the two most commonly used technologies for industrial marking, together with Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) technology. For a long time, the preferred solution has been CIJ, but TIJ has advanced a long way over the past decade and now offers multiple advantages over CIJ. With CIJ, a stream of ink is constantly being formed and deflected to the product when needed. CIJ therefore requires a complex system to collect and recirculate the ink; involving a lot of moving parts, ink and solvents. The edding TIJ solution is far simpler and more reliable to operate as the user simply replaces the ink cartridge. No servicing and minimal cleaning is required.

    • What is the difference between edding compact printers and other TIJ printers?

      edding compact printers have been designed from the ground up, with the focus on delivering what customers really need: German-manufactured reliability, with a 24-month warranty The widest range of inks for industrial applications Intuitive handling Versatile for use with multiple ink types, and various external ancillary parts. Industry 4.0 connectivity. On each of the above, edding compact printers exceed the existing TIJ offerings in the market by delivering smart and innovative solutions for all these details that make a difference.

    • What are the edding compact printers’ communication capabilities?

      The system architecture is by far the most advanced in the market - ready for the Industry 4.0 era. Via its numerous inputs and outputs, an edding printer can be fully integrated into the network; able to communicate with upstream and downstream machines. The printer connects to any end device via Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth. It supports DCHP, SMTP Mail, HTML5 and even SNMP for connection to Manufacturing Control or ERP systems. You can control the device via a web browser on your smartphone, laptop or the installed touchscreen.

    • You say the printers offer unbeatable reliability. But what support is in place if there is a problem?

      If a problem were to occur, there is a 24-month warranty covering the device (excluding consumables). A temporary replacement will typically be Express delivered to you the next day, while repairs are covered for free.

    • Are the printers designed for use in all production applications?

      They have a broad operation range across environments, technologies and applications. That means simple applications such as best before dates, to automatic printing of Datamatrix codes for car tyres; even complex applications such as consumer goods printed with invisible UV ink. In general, our compact printers can be used in a wide variety of areas: such as the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical sector, logistics and transport, and the automotive sector. You can print on cardboards, print on foil, print on glass (glass printing), print on plastics (plastics printing) and more… The broad edding ink portfolio ensure that you have the best ink for every single surface.

    • Can the printer operate in humid/dirty/cold/hot/high elevation/food grade environments?

      edding compact printers make it possible to print in difficult environments. The dust and temperature changes on a construction site, or the wet environment of a beverage production line, are no problem for the edding in-line 12 or edding portable 12. The clever design means they do not need integrated fans to prevent overheating, as the aluminium casing keeps the device cool and prevents dust from entering.

      In addition, the Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology is the perfect clean choice for food production environments; fully compliant with food hygiene regulations. The exception: the printers have not been designed for direct water contact and are not IP-rated yet.

    • Can you really install and operate the printers without technical support or training?

      Yes. Ease of use was one of the key things that users spoke to us about during development of the printers. Intuitive handling and animated user guides make it easy for any user to install and begin operating it in just a few minutes. You don’t need support from a technician or any training. You can also get printing straight away, as the printer comes in an all-in-one box with all the accessories you need.

      Print information can be changed quickly and easily via the integrated touchscreen, web browser or even smartphone. The system also thinks for the user by searching for the optimum settings together with the user via simple graphic wizards on the touchscreen.

    • How well do they print on plastic and glass?

      Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology used to have problems printing on plastic and glass, but advances in the technology had addressed these issues by 2012. With their innovative technology and high quality inks, edding compact printers achieve high resolution marking on almost any surface, including plastic and glass.