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Choose a material, pick an item, and Tobias will show you the fast setup of an edding compact printer, and how it prints on the item of your choice.

Metal can
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Which material do you print on the most?

  • Paper and carton
  • Pharma 2Light coloured glossy paper package
    Glossy paper package dark small v2Dark coloured glossy paper package
    Non glossy paper package v2Non-glossy paper package (e.g. flour pack, cement bag, egg carton etc.)
    Cardboard box smallPackaging carton
    Tetra pak small v2Tetrapak (milk, juice, soup)
  • Plastic
  • Snack bag smallSnack bag (gummy bears, dried fruit etc.)
    Frozen bag smallFreezer bag
    Plastic bottle transparent v2Transparent plastic (jellybeans box, water bottle etc.)
    Non transparent plastic small v2Non-transparent plastic (shampoo bottle, spray, cleaning liquid, bleach, plastic pipes, etc.)
    Thin plastic food packagingThin plastic foil (fruit & vegetable & meat shrink-wrap, etc.)
    Heavy duty plastic bag smallHeavy duty plastic bag (IKEA bag etc)
  • Composite materials - mylar (such as snack bags for crisps etc)
  • Mylar smallComposite materials - Mylar (coffee or crisp bags etc)
  • Metal
  • Tin small v2Food can (tuna can, beef can, coke can, etc.)
  • Glass
  • Transparent glassClear glass
    Dark glass smallColoured glass
  • Wood
  • Untreated woodUntreated wood
    Varnished wood small 1Varnished wood (tool handle)
  • Concrete, stone, other building materials
  • Brick smallStone brick
    Tile front smallTile (front side)
    Tile backsideTile (back side)
  • Food casing
  • Egg carton smallEggs
  • Rubber
  • Rubber beltRubber belt
  • Cloth
  • Jute bag smallJute (burlap) bag
    Fire hose smallWater hose
  • Other industrial materials (e.g. foam padding, insulation material)
  • Insulation material smallInsulation material
    Foam material smallFoam padding
  • Something not mentioned above

Watch how fast you can get started with edding compact printers

Unpacking the printer and marking your chosen item in just a few minutes

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