Marking and coding reinvented.

edding compact printers are the Industry 4.0 solution for people who don’t want to think about marking and coding - they just want it to work.




German manufacturing and decades of experience means unparalleled levels of reliability and uptime. 21st century production lines cannot afford standstills.

Thermal Inkjet technology has come a long way and has reached its pinnacle with edding compact printers.

Zero maintenance

No contact with liquid ink or solvents, no cleaning — and above all, no need for service contracts.

edding compact printers are intuitive and plug-and-play in minutes. Ink cartridges can be changed in seconds.

edding inside

Six decades of expertise in ink in a compact box. Deploy a wide variety of ink types and colours.

edding compact printers mark on almost every material.


edding compact printers connect to every ERP system and all commonly used upstream and downstream production line systems.

They are future-proofed to work with all common industry standards. Designed for minimum human intervention.

Industry application

Noun food
Food & beverages
Noun dairy2
Noun pills
Noun materials
Raw materials
Noun auto
Noun plane
Noun light
And many more...

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  • Mat paper

    Paper / cardboard

  • Mat food

    Food casing

  • Mat plastic


  • Mat glass


  • Mat metal


  • Mat wood


  • Mat cloth


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edding in-line 12Robust, reliable, and easy to use in any production line.

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edding portable 12Flexible, light-weight, and able to print in almost any environment.

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Use cases

Frequently asked questions

What technology do the printers use?

edding compact printers use Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology.

What is the print speed?

TIJ printers such as edding compact printers can handle printing speeds of up to XXX per minute. Beyond that, you’ll need a CIJ setup.

Are there application areas that edding compact printers are not optimised for?

Our printers are applicable in most production scenarios. In fact, many conversations with production managers have shown us that situations where they thought they’d need a costly CIJ (continuous inkjet) set-up could be served perfectly with edding compact printers. Many CIJ setups are like using a vintage car to run your inner-city errands — when a Smart car would be far easier, more practical, and more reliable.

Are these printers suitable for very high volume?

If you print more than XXX items per month, TIJ printing becomes costly. The superior reliability of edding compact printers may justify a degree of higher cost, but when the marginal cost of each print is significantly higher, you may want to consider a CIJ setup. You can calculate your expected CIJ vs TIJ running cost with our cost calculator.