edding code —
the invisible QR code

Smart, versatile and fun: edding code makes ordinary paper and packaging extraordinary. The next generation solution that helps you do everything from verifying documents to interacting with customers.


Easily embedded
into everyday products

A smart, easy-to-use, low-cost eID tag, with many inventive applications

  • Eliminate the time, cost and risk of error of checking documents manually. With edding code, you can quickly and easily check someone’s driving licence, ID card or permit via their smartphone.
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  • Take engagement with your customers to a whole new level. Keep the conversation going post-purchase by printing edding code on your packaging, tags or labels - sharing everything from exclusive content to promotional coupons in a fun, creative way.
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  • The potential applications are endless. From access monitoring to interactive scratch cards, and everything in between — we will create an edding code solution for you that is as unique as your business.
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Let our innovation power yours.

Print edding code - a conductive layer of invisible ink - on your product, label, or promotional item. Your users then place the item on their smartphone and swipe on it, which triggers a response.
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Code products

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Copy-safe; edding code is more secure than QR codes and other optical recognition systems.
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Great value

edding code is far cheaper than radio technologies, such as RFID and NFC.
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Easy to use

Users don’t need a special device to read edding code — simply an ordinary smartphone.
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Good for the planet

It’s environmentally friendly. Any paper and packaging embedded with edding code can be recycled in the normal way.
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A fun experience

Everyone likes to play, even adults. Whether you’re unlocking special content or verifying a document.
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Seamless integration

edding code is easy to integrate into established production lines — it is embedded in paper, packaging or labels using conventional printing methods.

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Document verification
with DAD easyCHECK

Tamper-proof and convenient. DAD easyCHECK protects against attempts to manipulate documents. And it significantly improves the efficiency of verification processes by reducing the time, cost and complexity associated with manual checking.

Frequently asked questions

How does edding code work?

Explained simply, edding code is an invisibly printed electronic ID code. The user activates the code printed on an item by placing it on the touchscreen of their smartphone or tablet. By simply running their finger across the code it interacts with the website or app on the phone, triggering a response to display unlocked digital content.

I have a use case that doesn’t correspond to your examples above. What do I do?

That’s great! We’re always excited to explore potential new applications for edding code. Please get in touch here.

Do I have to load an app to read the edding code?

It can either be read via an app downloaded to your smartphone, or directly in a web page on a mobile browser.

Is it possible to recycle products printed with edding code?

Yes. edding’s electronic conductive inks can be just as easily recycled as any printing ink. You can recycle any paper or cardboard embedded with edding code in the standard way. Unlike NFC and RFID products which must be disposed of separately as electronic waste.

How much does the edding code technology cost?

It is the cost of embedding the electroconductive feature ink in the product, the cost of implementing the software development kit in the app or web app, and a license fee for using the technology. edding code is the ideal solution for high volume applications, as it can be produced in high volumes at low cost using conventional printing methods. For a quote, please get in touch.

How can I integrate the edding code technology into my app or website?

The integration of edding code technology into an app or website is done via an SDK (software development kit). This allows the developer of the app or website to easily integrate the technology into the digital interface.

How does the end user know how to use edding code?

Easy and quick-to-understand instructions for use are included on the print product and also in the native or mobile app.

Do you need special equipment to produce edding code?

No. edding code is produced with a conductive ink that can be used in any standard printing presses (e.g. offset, flexographic or screen printing).

How can I integrate edding code into my production process?

In general, edding coded products can be produced and delivered ready for use by us. Alternatively, edding code printing know-how can be integrated into your existing printing processes. There’s no change in printers or methods needed. Printing facilities using edding code will be qualified and empowered by our expert team.

What advantages does edding code have over QR codes?

edding code offers far greater security. edding code technology is hidden in the product and cannot be optically copied or scanned. Optical codes are easy to copy and so offer no security from copying or manipulation.

What advantages does edding code have over NFC and RFID?

Compared to radio technologies such as NFC or RFID, the production costs for edding code are significantly lower. It’s also more environmentally friendly. edding code doesn't add volume to any material it is embedded in; and any paper or packaging with edding code can be recycled via the normal recycling process. In contrast, NFC and RFID products must be disposed of separately as electronic waste.