edding code

Transform physical things
into digital touchpoints

With edding code we enable products and documents to smartly communicate with the digital world through mobile or special reader devices and turn them into ‘physical keys’ to any digital content or application.

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Edding code
White code technology

The technology

edding code is a code pattern invisibly printed with conductive ink on a diverse range of materials. The coded piece is activated by placing it on a smartphone screen and swiping a finger across the code. After verification, the user is given exclusive access to digital content.

Use case

eAuthentication & eAuthorisation

edding code enables unique and customized solutions for easy, convenient and trustworthy transactional processes and relationships.

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Use case

Smart packaging and flyers

edding code offers a completely new approach for smart packaging solutions, delivering multiple benefits both for companies and consumers.

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White code security

Maximise security

Create a tamper-proof exclusive key to unlock valuable digital content.
White code eco

Increase eco-friendliness

Use a recyclable technology without any electronic waste.
White code engagement

Drive user engagement

Create new opportunities to connect users with your products and brand.
White code value

Grow value

Benefit from a cost-effective technology that enhances your products and services.
White code automation


Automated process and electronic declaration for reliability and efficiency benefits.
White code integration


Easy embedding into diverse materials and integration into existing websites and native apps.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does edding code work?

    Explained simply, edding code is a code pattern invisibly printed with conductive ink. Users activate it by placing an item printed with edding code on the touchscreen of their smartphones or tablets. By simply swiping their finger across the code it interacts with a website or app on the phone, triggering a response to display unlocked digital content.

  • I have a use case that doesn’t correspond to your examples above. What do I do?

    That’s great! We’re always excited to explore potential new applications for edding code. Please get in touch here.

  • Do I have to load an app to read the edding code?

    It can either be read via an app downloaded to your smartphone, or directly in a web page on a mobile browser.

  • Is it possible to recycle products printed with edding code?

    Yes. edding’s electronic conductive ink can be just as easily recycled as any printing ink. You can recycle any paper or cardboard embedded with edding code in the standard way. Whereas NFC and RFID products must be disposed of separately as electronic waste.

  • How much does the edding code technology cost?

    The costs depend on the requirements of each project. Basically, the total costs consist of printing and project management costs as well as a license fee for using the technology. Depending on the preferences and project goals, we offer different licensing models (quantity-based, revenue-sharing, performance-based). For further information please get in touch with us here.

  • How can I integrate the edding code technology into my app or website?

    The integration of edding code technology into an app or website is done via an SDK (software development kit). This allows the developer of the app or website to easily integrate the technology into the digital interface.

  • How does the end user know how to use edding code?

    Easy and quick-to-understand instructions for use are included on the print product and also in the native or mobile app.

  • Do you need special equipment to produce edding code?

    No. edding code is produced with conductive ink that can be used in any standard printing machines (e.g. offset, flexo or screen printing).

  • How can I integrate edding code into my production process?

    In general, edding coded products can be produced and delivered ready for use by us. Alternatively, edding code printing know-how can be integrated into your existing printing processes. There’s no change in printers or methods needed. Printing facilities using edding code will be qualified and empowered by our expert team.

  • What advantages does edding code have over QR codes?

    edding code offers far greater security. The edding code technology is hidden in the product and cannot be optically copied or scanned. QR codes offer no security from copying or manipulation and uncontrolled distribution.

  • What advantages does edding code have over NFC and RFID?

    The production costs for edding code are significantly lower. edding code does not add volume to any material it is embedded in. It is also more environmentally-friendly as paper or packaging with edding code contains no electronic parts or metallic substances so it can be recycled via the standard process. In contrast, NFC and RFID must be disposed of separately as electronic waste.

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