edding in-line printing on wine bottles edding in-line printing on wine bottles

Labeling made easy with edding compact printers

In wine production you face special challenges every day: Fast processes, diverse production environments and demanding surfaces. Dark glass in particular, which is commonly used in the wine industry, requires the highest print quality for optimal contrast.

The answer to these requirements are edding compact printers. Our specially developed printers offer the optimal solution for labeling wine bottles.

Why edding compact printer?

Versatile application

High-resolution, precise printing on glass, metal and plastic thanks to specialized inks

Focus on cost efficiency

edding In-line 12 & edding Portable 12 offer low upfront costs and no maintenance fees

State-of-the-art technology

Efficient marking through advanced thermal inkjet technology

Effortless update

Easily update print information via touchscreen, web browser or smartphone

Ideal for seasonal production

Cartridge changes in seconds, start-up time under a minute - perfect for short production cycles

Adaptability for all company sizes

Scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes

edding portable printing on wine box

Fast, intuitive and easy

The compact printers from edding offer you numerous advantages:

  • Ready to use in a few minutes, without annoying waiting times
  • The intuitive operation requires no expert knowledge
  • With a unique print speed of 78 prints per second, they deliver impressive results
  • A razor-sharp print quality with 600 dpi convinces across the board
  • The easy expandability with accessories enables maximum flexibility
  • Perfect ink adhesion even on difficult surfaces
The edding compact printer is the perfect solution for our requirements. We were looking for an industrial printer that could print at a much higher resolution than our current device. We were not only impressed by the high quality and the high resolution of theprinted batch codes, but also how easy the printer is tois to operate. The service we received from edding was great:Friendly and professional, they immediately sent us the printer, which we initially rented for three months to try out. The decision to buy the edding in-line was then very easy for us.

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Efficient, reliable and precisely tailored to the requirements of the wine industry.
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