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High quality, permanent coding: ensuring traceability for the spirits industry

The global market for spirits is experiencing a surge in growth as consumers seek out new, exciting flavours. And as the major distilleries and countless artisan producers step up to meet this increased demand, the need for traceability along the supply chain has never been higher.


The spirits market is being transformed by unique, experimental flavoured whiskies, rums, vodkas and gins. Millennials in particular are driving the market’s growth, switching from beers to spirits and driving increased consumption of premium and super premium brands. The global distilleries are now jumping on board, buying up smaller artisan brands or launching their own craft spirits alongside their mega brands.

This is clearly a healthy, lucrative market, with the crafts spirits market alone set to grow by close to 20% annually between 2020 and 2025. But as these new distilleries enter the market, and as they move into foreign markets via retailers and distributors, traceability becomes an essential requirement, enabling them to respond quickly to any issues. Traceability that is delivered in the form of high quality, indelible coding printed on each bottle.

Permanent precision

For the suppliers and authorities, these batch codes enable them to identify, authenticate and trace products around the world. For the consumer, batch coding printed discreetly but clearly on each bottle, gives them confidence in the product’s authenticity and quality.

With edding compact printers, distilleries can rely upon consistently easily readable, permanent results. edding’s expert inks ensure high quality, durable batch codes that can withstand any conditions the bottles are transported and stored in.

The edding in-line 12 and portable 12 printers also deliver high precision, high resolution printing results that complement the high quality aesthetics of the label on the bottle - especially critical for the premium brands.

Print on distillery bottle

Defence against the counterfeits

A major issue for the multinational distilleries is the rise in counterfeit products on the market. The global surge in demand for spirits has attracted the counterfeiters, large and small. Counterfeit or pirated spirits now account for over 3% of total international trade*. Consumers are cheated and the big distilleries take a hit both in terms of revenues and reputation.

But most important is the danger counterfeit spirits pose to consumer health. Toxins in counterfeit alcohol are known to cause vomiting, dizziness, kidney and liver issues, blindness, coma and even death. The best defence against the counterfeiters: the ability to authenticate and trace via high quality, permanent coding. edding compact printers strengthen that defence with edding’s ultraviolet (UV) inks, invisible until held under a UV light.

Automation for all

edding compact printers are the automated coding solution for all distilleries, from global brand names to small start-ups. Low cost and easy to set up and use, service-free, maintenance-free, and the most versatile solution of any coding technology; they make reliable product traceability a reality for all distilleries, whatever their size.

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*According to research by Alliance Against Counterfeit Spirits